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Accord Quartet

Accord Quartet was formed in 2001, by four students of the Franz Liszt Academy, Budapest. Since then they won several national and international prizes — such as the 1st prize of the Brahms Competition or the Junior Prima Prize — and become one of the most determinative musical groups in Hungary. From 2012 the members of the Accord Quartet started to teach officially in university and hold masterclasses in Hungary, Japan and USA.

The list of the location of their past concerts in Hungary include the Main Hall and the Chamber Hall of the Music Academy, the Old Academy, the Bartók House, the French Institute, the Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio, the Budapest Autumn Festival (2004, 2005 and 2006), as well as in provincial towns and cities, namely Debrecen, Győr, Eger, Dunaújváros, and they have broadcasts in the Hungarian Radio too. They also gave concerts in almost all countries and great concert halls of Europe, such as in Museum of Fine Arts of Bruxelles (BOZAR), Museum of Fine Arts of Madrid, in the Ermitage of St Petersburg. In April, 2008, they were giving concert to the Royal Family of Belgium and the President of Hungary.
From 2014 they have been started international exchange programs for solo and chamber music in the USA. They held masterclass, coaching at the Rutgers University (New Jersey) and the Youngstown State University (Ohio).

They were awarded three high-class instruments from the Republic of Hungary, a French and an Italian master violin and an Italian master cello from June 2005. In February of 2008 a replica of a Gasparo da Saló viola was made to the Quartet by Tamás Guminár.

Major Prizes
Junior Prima 2010
Brahms Competition 2009, Pörtschach: 1st Prize
Leó Weiner Competition 2003, Hungary: 1st Prize
Vienna-Budapest-Prague International Summer Academy 
Thomastik-Infeld Prize 2003
Kodály Prize 2004
Bartók Prize 2005
Artisjus Prize 2008, Hungary (prize for contemporary music premiers and performance)  


Bartók Memorial House, Budapest

23rd May

Szőlőssy memorial concert


Mozart: E flat major String Quartet
1st Movement, K. 428
Peter Mezo · Accord Quartet

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Peter Mezo - Accord Quartet
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Csongor Veer - Accord Quartet
Csongor Veér
Peter Kondor - Accord Quartet
Péter Kondor
Matyas Olveti - Accord Quartet
Mátyás Ölveti

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